Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Quick Tip: Let Your Sally Homemaker Self Take a Breather

My dream for years has been to be a stay-at-home mom with no kids, spending my hours cooking, cleaning and running errands. Well, thanks to funemployment, my dreams have come true. I kid, I kid... I left my job just last week and I'll be focusing on writing while I finish up my degree (no cool kids at ASU graduate in 4 years...). Before I dive head-first into building a freelancing career, I'm letting myself have a few indulgent days this week to play the part of a full-time homemaker. 

While I am loving every  minute of my new life, working around my own schedule and not burning under the florescent lights all day, I still manage to be very very busy! There are just so many things you realize you need to do (and can do) when you're not confined to a cubicle like grocery store runs, trips to the hardware store and paying bills. Well, I swear I'll do all that stuff soon... 

Yesterday I by accident spent four hours shopping (with my birthday money!!) and didn't have the energy to cook a meal for my man. So, instead I busted out my trusty frozen backup... PF Chang's Meals for 2

I typically don't like to buy frozen foods except the good junk food like Toaster Strudels and chicken nuggets, especially when it's from a major chain restaurant like the Boston Market or the TGI Friday's meals. But the PF Chang's frozen dinners are unbelievably good - literally just as good as the meal at the restaurant. You just heat it up in the skillet, cook up some rice, and you've got an A+ meal for under $10. They usually cost around $9 but I grab them whenever they're on sale and save them for a lazy day. Now if only they could figure out how to freeze the dishwashers too...

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