Friday, December 17, 2010

Help Get Out The Vote!

It's the most heated campaign since Obama vs. McCain, bigger than Sandra Day O'Connor's induction into the Supreme Court, more important than the ratification of the19th Amendment (although thank god women can vote or else I'd lose 80% of my support)... It's Molly Mac vs. The Others in the New England Country Soup's "Yours vs. Ours" Soup Challenge.

So please vote for my Spicy Chicken, Ditalini & Basil Soup by simply following the link below and clicking "Vote For This Recipe." It's quick and easy, plus you can vote once a day!

If I win I pledge to solve world hunger by feeding all empty bellies with this hearty soup.*

I'll be out and about kissing babies' heads, shaking the hands of the elderly and holding signs on the street corner all day today so "honk" if you see me. Hey, I didn't almost major in political science for nothing.

*provided I am given the appropriate funding 

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