Thursday, December 23, 2010

MCG: How to be Good at Being a Man

Welcome to the second installment of MGC.
(Molly's General Consulting is now known as MGC)

Props to the writers of all of those Blah-Blah for Dummies books. Sitting at a local bar drinking and eating my lunch right now, I am struck a strong sense of envy that they thought of the series before me. Although my idea is a little different, it follows the same theme and I'm assuming I'd get hit with some sort of lawsuit if I infringed on it.

For example, with the muse of three middle-aged men sitting at the bar near my table I have developed the following "how-to" guide.

How To Be Good at Being a Man

1.) Never say the following with a childish and feminine enthusiasm: "No! My jeans are Seven for All Mankind! My girlfriend is buying me True Religions, though!"

2.) Don't ever say to another man, "Your wife sucks! And so does your baby!" Okay, the only time you could ever say that is if his wife cheated on him and if his baby starting killing small animals and humans. But, if that is your response to your friend saying "My wife is stopping by," then you suck at being a man.

3.) Don't make a farting noise when you sit down.

With that being said... happy holidays!

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