Friday, August 20, 2010

sushi & flowers

Last night, I grabbed dinner at my new favorite sushi spot - Samurai Kuang Eatery in Downtown Crossing. It's always quiet and the sushi is delicious and not too expensive.  At lunch there's a 2-roll special with soup or salad for $9, not a bad deal at all!  If you go with a small group, ask to be seated in the private room.  It's a little nook with a recessed table separated by opaque paneled walls that makes you feel like you're the only group in the restaurant.  Below is my R3 roll - a California roll with tobikko.

Before I leave Brighton, I need to post this!  You wouldn't believe how many beautiful flowers I pass by every day on my walk to the bus stop.  For a city full of renters, there are some meticulously  maintained small gardens... here's a few of the flowers along my route:

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Devlin's Patio - the good, the bad, the wireless-less

In two weeks I’ll be moving back to Southie (yay!), but I have to admit, even though it is far away from everything and I did at one point attempt to make a campaign to end Brighton – I will miss the food there.  There’s just a bit more culture and variety, no offense Beer Garden and Playwright, and more places to go for a good for a solo meal.  This past Sunday I had some writing to do so I decided to head over to the back patio at Devlin’s in Brighton Center for lunch.  

It’s a great little area tucked away from the street, and they have live jazz outside on Sundays.  I sat at the bar… only to find out I couldn’t get wireless anywhere! Ugh.  

It was such a nice day that I wasn’t bothered, and the bartender wasn’t overly attentive, which is always nice.  

I got clam chowder to start.  Pretty standard.  That thick consistency that, from my years in the restaurant biz, makes me pretty certain it’s from a Sysco bag.  Pepper it up enough and add in some salty oyster crackers and I won’t complain. 

I was starving so I ordered the spicy chicken sandwich next.  I hate to give bad reviews, but it was pretty disappointing.  The brioche was dry and there wasn’t enough Cajun aioli to make up for it.  French fries are always delicious though... And, hey, it looks nice.

The patio is so relaxing that I have to admit, even though the food doesn’t “wow” me, I’ll probably come back once more before I leave Brighton forever…

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hang on little tomato..

Fresh tomatoes from my dad's wonderful garden.  I love when he brings them in right off the vine... a quick wash and then right into my mouth for the perfect *pop* and gush of cool sweetness.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A little more than hummus!

Last night I put together a little hummus dip as an appetizer before Mike and I had a leftover/Hot Pocket feast.  I wanted to give it a little zip so I chopped up roasted red peppers and sautéed them up with olive oil. I added that to the hummus, reserved some of the oil, then quickly threw in crumbled feta to heat it up before adding it to the dip. It turned out to be so delicious I made it again for myself tonight!

Monday, August 16, 2010

clarity in the cafe

Slowly, very very slowly, I am writing what hopefully will someday magically turn itself into a novel.  Inspiration and ideas come to me every day in so many places - at work, on the bus, as I fall asleep at night.  But no where do the words flow from my bubbling thoughts out through my fingers as easily as they do when I'm sitting alone at a coffee shop, typing away.  There's something compelling about the combination of strong, sometimes bitter coffee and that satisfying solitude that comes from sitting in a room full of permanent strangers. 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Real Women Drink Budweiser.

I’m not afraid to admit it. I prefer Bud heavies.  Does this make me less dainty and cute?  Should I switch to Mich Ultras so I can be adorable and watch my feminine shape?  No. Thank. You.  If my love for Budweiser turns me into a tubby old woman with a dated haircut that sits out in my driveway in a plastic chair  wearing neon tank-tops and canvas shorts, then so be it. 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Lobster 2.0

Years ago, lobsters were considered to be poor man's food.  In the early days of European settlement in America, lobsters were so plentiful, they'd wash up on the shores in the masses and their meat would be used as bait.  I think that's a great marketing tactic for seafood restaurants.  Dangle pieces of lobster claw dipped in butter off a fishing pole on your roof, and then literally lure your customers in.

Even though these days lobsters are considered a delicacy, this poor woman somehow manages to scrape her few spare pennies together to treat herself to summer lobster whenever she can (flash forward to my lobster bloody mary... I've gotta start saving, it's only one month away).

It's easier when you're up in Maine and lobsters run you only about $6 per pound.  We ordered one lobster per person, plus two extra so that we could all have an extra claw or piece of the tail.  Plus, we ordered them cooked so we didn't have to worry about hearing the little lobbies scream "EEeeeeeeeeeeee" as you send them to their hot water death.

It's even better if you find your own personal de-sheller.  I'll do it if I have to, put I'm not a huge fan of ripping apart the body of the animal I'm about to eat and cleaning off it's insides.  Luckily, I have Mike to do that, and also to cook the corn.  In the husk, on the grill, there's no better way to do corn on the cob. MmmMmm!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Eat Your Lunch: Lobster Bloody Mary

Now, I typically don't write about restaurants I have yet to visit, but I am so excited about this one, I can't wait.

The Brant Point Grill is laughing in the face of the traditional summer cocktail.  Giving a new meaning to "liquid lunch," this Nantucket restaurant, located in the White Elephant Hotel,  boldly serves up their Lobster Bloody Mary to hungry and thirsty Ralph Lauren-clad ACK vacationers.  Move over mimosa, your days in the limelight are dwindling.

No, you are not dreaming. That is 1/4 lb of chilled lobster skewered into a fresh-made Bloody Mary.  Vodka, lobster, and horseradish?  Yes, please!  Not even "please," I demand it!  I'll be in Nantucket with my girlfriends in September, I'm thinking I should pre-order 300 of these for the long weekend...and maybe a few more if my friends want some too..

One Word Wednesday


Monday, August 2, 2010

The Best Bagels in the World.

In 1927 New Yorkers discovered that the world is not flat – it is round, made of yeast, and has a hole in the center.  They tried their best to keep bagels to themselves, but they couldn’t keep a harness on these circles of carbo love.  Word spread fast about the best thing since sliced bread and the face of breakfast has never been the same.

Sometime between 1927 and now, Hingham’s Atlantic Bagel, lovingly referred to by the locals as simply “The Bagel Shop,” popped up.  Whether they’re toasted, cream cheesed or buttered, nobody does bagels better than the Bagel Shop.  First timers - I insist that your first visit includes an egg & cheese (bacon if you want it) sandwich on a toasted everything bagel.  It is a salty, gooey, cheesy masterpiece.