Monday, August 9, 2010

Lobster 2.0

Years ago, lobsters were considered to be poor man's food.  In the early days of European settlement in America, lobsters were so plentiful, they'd wash up on the shores in the masses and their meat would be used as bait.  I think that's a great marketing tactic for seafood restaurants.  Dangle pieces of lobster claw dipped in butter off a fishing pole on your roof, and then literally lure your customers in.

Even though these days lobsters are considered a delicacy, this poor woman somehow manages to scrape her few spare pennies together to treat herself to summer lobster whenever she can (flash forward to my lobster bloody mary... I've gotta start saving, it's only one month away).

It's easier when you're up in Maine and lobsters run you only about $6 per pound.  We ordered one lobster per person, plus two extra so that we could all have an extra claw or piece of the tail.  Plus, we ordered them cooked so we didn't have to worry about hearing the little lobbies scream "EEeeeeeeeeeeee" as you send them to their hot water death.

It's even better if you find your own personal de-sheller.  I'll do it if I have to, put I'm not a huge fan of ripping apart the body of the animal I'm about to eat and cleaning off it's insides.  Luckily, I have Mike to do that, and also to cook the corn.  In the husk, on the grill, there's no better way to do corn on the cob. MmmMmm!

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