Friday, August 20, 2010

sushi & flowers

Last night, I grabbed dinner at my new favorite sushi spot - Samurai Kuang Eatery in Downtown Crossing. It's always quiet and the sushi is delicious and not too expensive.  At lunch there's a 2-roll special with soup or salad for $9, not a bad deal at all!  If you go with a small group, ask to be seated in the private room.  It's a little nook with a recessed table separated by opaque paneled walls that makes you feel like you're the only group in the restaurant.  Below is my R3 roll - a California roll with tobikko.

Before I leave Brighton, I need to post this!  You wouldn't believe how many beautiful flowers I pass by every day on my walk to the bus stop.  For a city full of renters, there are some meticulously  maintained small gardens... here's a few of the flowers along my route:

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  1. Believe it or not, Brighton was where I first fell in love with roses! Our Oak Square Apt was in the midst of long term residents, who had tiny yards, but GOREOUS roses. Now I'm trying to duplicate those bushes... Beautiful!