Thursday, August 19, 2010

Devlin's Patio - the good, the bad, the wireless-less

In two weeks I’ll be moving back to Southie (yay!), but I have to admit, even though it is far away from everything and I did at one point attempt to make a campaign to end Brighton – I will miss the food there.  There’s just a bit more culture and variety, no offense Beer Garden and Playwright, and more places to go for a good for a solo meal.  This past Sunday I had some writing to do so I decided to head over to the back patio at Devlin’s in Brighton Center for lunch.  

It’s a great little area tucked away from the street, and they have live jazz outside on Sundays.  I sat at the bar… only to find out I couldn’t get wireless anywhere! Ugh.  

It was such a nice day that I wasn’t bothered, and the bartender wasn’t overly attentive, which is always nice.  

I got clam chowder to start.  Pretty standard.  That thick consistency that, from my years in the restaurant biz, makes me pretty certain it’s from a Sysco bag.  Pepper it up enough and add in some salty oyster crackers and I won’t complain. 

I was starving so I ordered the spicy chicken sandwich next.  I hate to give bad reviews, but it was pretty disappointing.  The brioche was dry and there wasn’t enough Cajun aioli to make up for it.  French fries are always delicious though... And, hey, it looks nice.

The patio is so relaxing that I have to admit, even though the food doesn’t “wow” me, I’ll probably come back once more before I leave Brighton forever…

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