Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Lazy Chiquita

An irish girl went to the store
with thoughts of chili and tacos and fajitas galore.
But the avocados were green,
and this day the kitchen just wasn’t her scene.

Round and round in circles she wondered,
“what should I cook for my boyfriend?” she pondered.
“It’s Cinco de Mayo” she thought,
“he needs something Mexican, it must be bought!”

To the frozen foods she rushed,
hoping the crowd left some treats untouched.
To her surprise there were two kinds of burritos,
and tucked back on the shelf - a box of taquitos!

She added chips, salsa and sour cream,
what was missing? Something green!
"JalapeƱos!" she said,
but then just stood there, scratching her head.

Where could those hot peppers be?
Not in aisles 1, or 2, or 3...
Then she saw the little can,
jalapeƱos for her man!

Back to apartment she went,
on the way a text was sent.
"This Mexican fiesta is atypical of me!"
I didn't chop an onion, a pepper, not even a pea!

It was all pre-made, just needed reheating,
giving us time to lounge on our comfortable seating.
On the couch with a beer, not a margartia,
a happy Cinco de Mayo for two by a lazy chaquita.

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