Monday, May 24, 2010

... because we are alive and we are in love ...

I spent most of my day yesterday decaffeinated and starving, sitting in the courthouse fulfilling my civic duties and waiting to hear if I was going to be put on the trial of a convicted rapist. When the clerk spoke those four beautiful words, "Jurors, you are released," I let out a huge sigh and then broke into action. I had no mercy, everyone had get out of my way - the sick, the old, the pregnant... they were all just hazy roadblocks on my way to iced coffee. I was throwing punches, kicking people to the ground, and running over bodies on the sidewalk of Cambridge Street on my way to Starbucks. Waiting until mid-afternoon for my caffeine fix makes me very cranky. Molly-Hyde turned into Molly-Jeckyll thanks to a venti unsweetened iced coffee.

(no sick, old, or pregnant people were actually harmed in this Starbucks trip)

With some fuel in my system, I decided to take advantage of the warm afternoon and take in parts of the city I never get to enjoy on a weekday. I walked wherever my little feet took me - through the aptly named Beacon Hill, down Charles Street, over the windy Mass Ave Bridge, into Central Square with all the weirdos and finally ending at Harvard Square. I walked slowly and without an agenda, taking turns when I wanted to take turns and stopping when I saw something that I felt like stopping for. It was a solitary, silent, and peaceful walk that was eventually steered towards Border Cafe by my empty stomach.

I sat outside reading with a cold Negro Modelo and endless tortilla chips & salsa at a shaded table for one. After staring into the distance for minutes or maybe hours thinking empty thoughts of serenity, I glanced down at the page of my book and the words "because we are alive and we are in love" jumped out at me. They were perfect, the words I could never have put together on my own. It's why I felt so happy where I was - simply because I was alive, and in love - with everything around me... the slight breeze, the cold beer, the salty chips. In love with the view of the city street and the blue sky and the stores and shops to the right and left. In love with my life and the people that share it with me.

... and with the taco and enchilada I had coming my way! mmMmm


  1. Oh... you need to write that phrase down in a notebook for your first book.... it's a good one. And good for you that you just let yourself flow! You should do it every once in a while - it's good to be solitary, and let everything just be! I love you, too!

  2. There truly is nothing like being in love with the moment. Well said.