Thursday, May 13, 2010

Impromptu Pear & Apple Pie

Last week I bought a few pears and apples at the fruit stand but the whole week I just wasn't in a pear or apple mood. I'm in a tropical fruit phase, so I left them untouched all week. If I've learned anything from my Grammie, it's "waste not, want not," so I was feeling very guilty that they were just sitting there on my counter while halfway across the world, a little poverty-stricken child is probably dreaming of slightly bruised pears and apples that are too ripe. So I made myself a pie.

I just happened to have some leftover pie dough from a failed attempt at strawberry pastries...

Side note: Strawberries do NOT taste good by themselves in pie dough, or at least mine didn't. They got very tangy, no matter now much sugar I added. Is there a trick I'm missing? I tried mushed up strawberries and sugar, whole strawberries and sugar, and even made a strawberry jam filling. The strawberry jam was actually really good - later I whipped it with heavy cream, sugar, and vanilla extract to make strawberry whipped topping for Lauren's lime birthday cupcakes! Yum yum. I wrapped the various forms of strawberries and sugar up in pie dough like little tarts, baked them, but then I couldn't bare to eat them! Mike said he liked them, but I'm convinced it was just to make me happy (very sweet, unlike the pastries).

Anyway, I decided to make an impromptu mini pear and apple pie. So cute right?!

Once you master your pie crust, making scrumptious pies from scratch is really easy! Luckily for me, my mom spent 7 years perfecting her crust and has passed down the recipe. I may not be inheriting a fortune from my parents, but my mom's recipes and cooking lessons are worth more money than anyone could ever inherit. Well I guess that's a slight exaggeration, but that's what rich husbands are for! Just kidding... love you mom!

I'll do a post on pie making another time - this one's just for show! MmmMm

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