Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cubicle Lunch Revival

Food needs to be delicious! I try my hardest to only eat things that are so good. If I don't like it, I don't eat it.

Case in point: peanut butter sandwiches. I've been off peanut butter sandwiches for about a year now. Sure, they're economical, but I am of the mindset that if I have to suffer though the poverty-stricken days of my mid-twenties, I am not going to put myself through the misery that is a peanut butter sandwich.

Case in point #2: Lean Cuisines. Avid followers of my blogging will remember a post about the issues I have with lean cuisines written in my old blog a few years back. I think I offended a good number of people so I won't repeat myself but let's just say I hate Lean Cuisines and I do not eat them.

And where do we eat 5 days a week? At work.

What do we eat? Crappy lunch food.

I believe a cubicle lunch revival is in demand. Why can't I enjoy my lunch instead of shoving it down my throat with one hand while I attempt to keep working with the other? My first plan of action: heading back to the Marliave!

Not for meat butter or rarebits, but instead to the little cheese shop they have on the first floor. I went over there, got a cheese plate to go, let the cheeseman make my 3 selections for me, and happily returned to my cubicle!

Look, isn't that the cutest cubicle lunch? I even have post-it notes and a company coffee cup in the background!

The Marliave cheese plate gets you three choices of cheese, candied walnuts, fig jam, and a fresh baguette (I added the grapes myself)! It was so delicious and I took my time eating and enjoying. It really makes such a difference when you truly relish your food experience, rather than just filling up the tank.

Plus, there was enough for leftovers that night:


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