Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Homeless Heaven in a Hot Dog Bun

I'm a bit of a nomad this summer, graciously hosted by my boyfriend most of the time and by my parents some of the time.  I like to think that, until move-in day on September 1st, I'm splitting my time between my summer home in Rhode Island and my pied-à-terre in Brighton.

The life of a drifter is one of ups and down.  I'm living out of a very large suitcase, leading to many a morning of wrinkled outfits, and half of my kitchen gadgets are packed away in the storage room at my friend's apartment, but I have an excuse for a summer of boyfriend eating.

The phrase "boyfriend eating" may raise a bit of confusion.  You'd think it means being really cute and eating ice cubes and cucumbers so that you're adorable and skinny for your boyfriend all the time. But no no no, it's keeping pace with your boyfriend over countless pizza slices, chicken wings, and cheeseburgers.

Hence, my chili dog late night snack last night.... It was so good though!  I had just made a big pot of chili and Mike makes the best hot dogs - fried in a pan with a buttery grilled bun.  I came to the conclusion that I am always going to keep some chili in the freezer for such an occasion.  Or a chili fries occasion, or a nachos occasion, or an anything-else-that-lends-itself-to-a-helping-of-chili occasion.

So, while this homeless summer has been very tasty, I have a strong feeling I'm going to face a bit of a struggle when it comes time to fit back into my fall clothes.  But, oh well!  That's what Jillian Michaels On-Demand workout videos are for... right?

confession: i just wanted a chili dog.  He wasn't eating one.  It was all my idea.  

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